» BO-VEST / Housing administration / Denmark

New IT Solution Increases Productivity and Job Satisfaction at BO-VEST
A Leading Danish Housing Administration Firm Provides Employees with New Flexibility Thanks to Billion's SSL VPN Solution

Industry: Housing administration
Domicil and branches: Headquarter in Glostrup, suburbs of the capital Copenhagen, Denmark, 32 local housing offices in Brondby, Ishoj and Albertslund
Number of employees: approximately 200
SSL VPN-users: Top management, middle management, administration staff
Billion’s solutions : BiGuard S20 Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN gateway
  BiGuard IPSec Gateways: BiGuard 30, BiGuard 10, BiGuard 2
  BiPAC 7404VGO Wireless VoIP VPN Firewall Router
SSL VPN Applications: Microsoft Office including Outlook mail, Unik Bolig4, Citrix client software and file sharing via Network Extender

SSL VPN Success Story (English version)

SSL VPN Success Story (Danish version)

  » Richard Cargill / SOHO / UK / BiGuard S5

Secure access to small office network from anywhere, using BiGuard S5 SSL VPN
Organisations can give easier HQ access to home workers and increased mobility to senior management

Business Type: IT professional within banking / finance industry
Location: London, UK
SSL VPN-users: Top management, middle management, administration staff
Billion’s solutions : BiGuard S5 SSL VPN Security Appliance
SSL VPN Applications: Network Extender, NAT functionality, sharing files and access to home security / home automation

SSL VPN Success Story (English version)


» Howin Technologies Corporation / Telecom / Taiwan / BiGuard S20

Howin Technologies Corporation Selects BiGuard SSL VPN for Branch Remote Access
Enhancing Remote Access Security and Connectivity Performance

Business Type: Telecom engineering company
Location: Headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan
Employees: 50
SSL VPN-users: Traveling staff, engineeringsite employees
Billion’s solutions : BiGuard S20 VPN Security Gateway
SSL VPN Applications: Network Extender, ERP systems access, file servers, intranet
resources, maintenance of remote information systems

SSL VPN Success Story (English version)

SSL VPN Success Story (Traditional Chinese version)


» CiberSur Lda. / IT & Networking / Portugal / BiGuard S20

"Biguard S20 gave us the ability, without any administration effort, to create our portal and access our applications behind it in a snapp! We are very glad to have acquired it because our workforce is most of the time away from office and we can communicate and colaborate through our intranet in SharePoint supported by both the BiGuard S20 SSL VPN Portal and it's tunnelling facilities. We work from any link speed and location, even through wireless network access (zapp telemodem we use on the road)! Also, and very important to our support business side, we can access anytime our servers and act on behalf of our clients!"

- Vitor Dinis, CiberSur Lda.


» Howin Technologies Corporation / Telecom / Taiwan / BiGuard S20

“Functions, performance, and cost were key factors in the purchase decision of BiGuard S20 SSL VPN Security Gateway”

- David Lin, Assistant Manager of IT Department, Howin Technologies Corp.


» Broadband Express / Communications/IT / Netherlands / BiGuard S20

"The setup process is very straight forward and also very clean"

- Tian Boonzaaier, Broadband Express


» SiPro Technology / Taiwan / BiGuard S20

"Due to our business nature and small operation, the BiGuard S20 offers convenience to our employees for remote working from anywhere and easy channel management for supervision levels. Thus business productivity is enhanced. The most important – the BiGuard S20 is truly the best value for money!"

- Tony Wu, Sales Director, SiPro Technology


» Galcon / Manufacturing / Israel / BiGuard S10

"I find the product helpful to our needs, I can control the system from anywhere, The Network extender can link to my system where VPN was blocked by the remote site policies"

- Yair Wellner, Galcon


» Orphic Systems Ltd / IT & Photography / UK / BiGuard S10

"Great product and good value. I like the upgrades and have had issues fixed in service packs. I do resell a small amount of kit and all my customers now have and S10. Keep it coming… products like this are ripping the heart out of the big brands Cisco etc…. So easy to use and so easy to deploy. Everyone should have one…"

- Dave Coopey, Orphic Systems Ltd


» Ample Contracting, Inc. / Home Construction/Maintenance / USA / BiGuard S10

1) Fast, stable, and reliable
2) Powerful, and full-featured firewall, router, and SSL gateway
3) Easy to setup and configure
4) Firmware updates released regularly
5) Excellent feature set and build quality for the price

- Mark D. Schnittman, Ample Contracting, Inc.


» KOSTER verzekeringen b.v. / Insurance / Netherlands / BiGuard S10

"Stable en easy to use"

- J.W.A. Heerings, KOSTER verzekeringen b.v.


» Per Arne Bakken / SOHO / Norway / BiGuard S10

"I am an owner of the Billion BiGuard S10 and I am very satisfied. The product is easy to use, have extremely low "downtime" and has been working excellent for the time I have had this router. The administration of the product is also very easy. My conclusion is that this is an excellent product!"

- Per Arne Bakken



» Richard Cargill / SOHO / UK / BiGuard S5

"What can I say, plugged in, turned on, configured and just never turned off. Pity more kit couldn't be this reliable"

- Richard Cargill

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