talktalk fibre optic

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talktalk fibre optic

Post by fanmail » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:39 pm

Has anybody managed to get this unit working as a one box solution with talktalk fibre broadband.If so would appreciate how,as I have failed miserably.

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Re: talktalk fibre optic

Post by billion_fan » Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:21 am


Does the 8200N sync up with your VDSL line??

If so please make sure you set the WAN section to obatin a IP address automatically (this is the only settings that works with talktalk fibre)

If you can not get the 8200N to sync please try the attached firmware. Upgrade the device and reset back to factory default settings to ensure all changes within the router are implemented correctly.

Do not restore settings from previous firmware builds.
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Re: talktalk fibre optic

Post by lmulli » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:03 pm

I had TalkTalk fibre (FTTC) installed today and with the provided Openreach Modem and TalkTalk Router, my connection speed was a mere 16Mbps. Installed my 8200N with the firmware attached above and connected and my speed was even slower at just 13Mbps!!

Then decided to go for another firmware that I'd found lying around in the forums called Billion-8200N_1.06a and it then connected at just over 24Mbps. Quite a significant improvement!! Just goes to show how important a decent firmware is. Now if only I could get the 38Mbps I'm supposed to be getting!!!! (not holding my breath!)

Installation was a breeze! Follow the manual up until the point where it directs you to enter your talktalk details - don't bother, just choose Automatic IP. Connected straight away, no messing.

If you want someone to test out some beta firmware, feel free to count me in!!


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Re: talktalk fibre optic

Post by Davepaw » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:02 pm

I upgraded to TalkTalk 40 Mbyte FTTC broadband a few days ago. Once connected up via the standard Openreach modem and Talk Talk router by the Openreach engineer I had no complaints with the speed as I was peaking at 38 mbytes via ethernet link from laptop to modem and at times was getting over 32 Mbytes using the wireless link.

However I prefer to have a combined modem/router so bought the 8200 n. I tried to connect it last night following the manual to the letter but got nowhere, a FAIL everytime. I delved into the forums and read that TalkTalk won't work with the Billion 8200 n unless the VLAN settings are set to "Obtain ip address automatically" rather than the recommended PPPoE . Had a couple of attempts using that setting and after more failures and reset to factory defaults I finally got a success message on the third attempt after a couple of reboots. It was a slight hit or miss approach but once the WAN was recognised and the link made, all was fine. The speed using the ethernet cable link was good at 38 Mbyte download and approaching 2Mbyte upload speed. The best I've got so far with the wireless link is just under 30 Mbyte but not less than 24 Mbyte so far, all checked using the Talk Talk broadband tester incidentally. The software version I'm using is 1.06a.dt6 according to my status settings

So yes it does work with Talk Talk but the wireless speed is slightly less than I was getting with the standard opereach modem /talk talk router combo. That may be because I may not have the latest firmware upgrade installed after my resets to factory defaults. I haven't pursued details of what firmware version is the best recommended for the 8200 N for Talk Talk yet or even where to obtain the firmware versions.

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