27-02-2013 New firmware release for 7800DXL/ 7800VDOX 2.24b

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27-02-2013 New firmware release for 7800DXL/ 7800VDOX 2.24b

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Our engineers have released a new firmware version 2.24b for the 7800DXL and 7800VDOX. This firmware has fixed the wireless issue with iPhone 5 so both bands are now working properly concurrently. There are also other enhancement such as edit and time schedule feature added for Virtual Server. Since this is a major update, please make sure you reset the router to factory default at the firmware upgrade page to ensure all settings are updated properly.

The firmwares are available in this thread as well as our support portal (http://www.billion.uk.com/esupport/inde ... 800-series).

Release notes below:

Billion 7800DXL/ 7800VDOX UK firmware version 2.24b [27-02-2013]


1) User can make P2P VoIP call to peer site directly without registrar.

2) Add the Outbound proxy setting at the VoIP QuickStart/EZSO page.

3) Add the SIP Port setting (the default is 5060) for the 78VD itself SIP listen port.

4) Although 78VD did not find the defense from the tool Rapid7 report mentioned, patch the UPnP vulnerabilities code from Broadcom to prevent from some potential risk.

5) Add the 2nd schedule for DND.

6) Add the MIB for ADSL up/down/phyVersion. The oid is -- ADSL upstream: , ADSL PHY version: , ADSL downstream: .

7) Support Edit and Time Schedule Control feature for the Virtual Server.

8) Default wireless security set to WPA2-PSK, AES and Default wireless key set to MAC address.

Bug Fixed

1) If the "Incoming Phone Port" set to to Both, the incoming call (including DND and CF) to the account can't work.

2) If the "Incoming Phone Port" set to to Both, phone2 can't access A/M.

3) Will mail out the received fax file anyway. Sometimes, the fax is stored and failed to mail because call is not disconnected normally because of some reason.

4) The SIP port (eg, 5060) will not be accessible from WAN if the registrar or outbound proxy is not set

5) If the "Groups Isolation" is enabled and LAN user uses NAT loopback to access the LAN service, the service can't be accessed even they are at the same group.

6) WLAN 2.4G and 5G and LAN use the different MAC. It can solve some WLAN devices (like as iPhone5 or iPAD) can't see both 2.4G or 5G AP; or WLAN device can't smoothly switch between 2.4G and 5G.

7) All connection can't be access if there is bridging type WAN interface.
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Re: 27-02-2013 New firmware release for 7800DXL/ 7800VDOX 2.

Post by swatboy79 » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:00 pm

Thank you very much - vast improvement.