BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance Series
BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance Series
BiGuard S5 - SSL VPN Starter Pack
BiGuard S5
BiGuard S6000 - Gigabit Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN Security Gateway SSL VPN Starter Pack
BiGuard S6000 - Gigabit Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN Security Gateway SSL/IPSec VPN Security Gateway
BiGuard S6000 - Gigabit Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN Security Gateway Dual-WAN SSL/IPSec VPN Security Gateway

In today’s rapid and dynamic business environment, small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) have to be flexible and responsive to ever-changing issues in order to remain competitive. However, when it comes to IT infrastructure, SMBs often lack the budget and resources to implement IT solutions the way large corporations usually do. For SMBs it is even harder to manage remote access and security in a cost-effective way, especially when access to corporate resources is not limited to the same location, but includes mobile workers and partners in different locations. For these situations Billion's BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series provide the perfect answer.

BiGuard S5 - SSL VPN Starter Pack
BiGuard S10
BiGuard S5 - SSL VPN Starter Pack
BiGuard S20
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Key Features
  • SSL VPN gateway plus solid router functions
  • Clientless connectivity
  • Network / Transport Extender
  • Windows / Linux / Macintosh supported
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 compatible mobile devices supported
  • Granular Access Policy Management
  • Personalized Web Portal
  • Data encryption, user authentication and access control
  • Host Security Checking
  • Robust Firewall security
  • Quality of Service Control
  • Hardware DMZ
  • IPSec VPN capabilities
  • Auto fail-over and Load Balancing
  • Dual WAN connectivity
Other Options

Great Mobility and Productivity
Billion’s BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series integrate cutting-edge SSL VPN technology for small offices and SMBs to establish private encrypted tunnels, without VPN software pre-installation in client PCs, through the public Internet to securely access corporate resources from any location, such as a branch office, hotel, home, cyber café, or even a public kiosk. The BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series offers industry-advanced SSL VPN applications such as Network Extender and supports a wide range of browsers, platforms and operating systems, providing remote users, mobile workers and external business partners with remote access to the corporate network to share files, check e-mail, and download documents as if they never left the office. A business traveler can log in via a mobile device like PDA, the SOHO or a graphic freelancer on Macintosh can even connect his Apple PC to customers’ networks to remotely collaborate on a project. Secure remote Intranet access with BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series is possible via any device from anywhere at anytime.

Single Box Access Management Solution
Billion’s BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series is the world’s first gateway series which fully integrates SSL VPN encryption as well as firewall and router functions in one box. It is very affordable for small and medium business operations. IT administrators no longer need to buy an extra device to manage remote Intranet access, nor install and maintain additional equipment for data security. The integrated router functions provide administrators with a perfect idea to manage all the connections and file sharing of remote access is easy just integrating into one BiGuard SSL VPN device. Instead of buying three independent networking devices, the fully integrated BiGuard SSL VPN series fulfills all your networking needs.

Comprehensive Security
BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series supports SSL encryption and authentication to ensure data transmission security and user authorization. The device supports SSL VPN concurrent sessions with remarkable performance. Simultaneously, Firewall, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) prevention and URL filtering are all integrated to guard your network against malicious attacks. In addition the firewall features an e-mail alert service, activated whenever an attack occurs.

Ease of Management
With the BiGuard SSL VPN Security Appliance series IT administrators can easily configure the gateway to control the resources and applications available to different groups of users. In addition, access policy, authorization, and authentication mechanisms can be set up as well. All this can be done through the easy-to-manage Personal Web Portal, which displays the applications by different groups of users.

Scalability and Resilience
Dual integrated WAN ports for two broadband lines ensure optimal bandwidth sharing for multiple PCs in your office, or provide network redundancy in case one connection should fail. The load balancing feature is designed to provide the ability to balance the workload by distributing outgoing traffic across the two connections, and meet growing business needs requiring more bandwidth, network scalability and resilience for mission-critical or Internet-business applications. The Auto fail-over feature can be configured for a second connection to assure redundant connectivity when the primary line fails.

Flexible Platform
Both SSL VPN and IPSec VPN are well-known remote access solutions. They are not competing, but complementary technologies. Both the BiGuard S10 and BiGuard S20 offer IPSec VPN and SSL VPN capabilities together on a single platform. This combination provides excellent deployment flexibility to small business operations for meeting the requirements of any remote access users. The need for, and additional cost of, deploying separate, extra platforms for both SSL and IPSec VPN is eliminated.

Options for Growth and Management
A total SSL VPN solution is made possible through optional support: SSL VPN Tunnel Upgrades, BiGuard’s Central Management System, and BiGuard One-Time Password. In case of a growing need for remote access, just upgrade the BiGuard SSL VPN gateway by adding more SSL VPN tunnels. To enforce management policy, administrators in the head office or service providers can deploy BiGuard Central Management System series, which enables remote configuration from a central site to save on maintenance. In addition, the BiGuard OTP, a car-key sized dongle, is used to create a two-factor authentication by using a dynamically generated 6-digit PIN. Combined with your existing static password this results in a greatly reduced risk of unauthorized access to corporate network resources by intruders.


* Note:
1. Please refer to sslvpnbrowser.htm for updates of all supported browsers and OS platforms. Users are strongly recommended to register at for updated firmware.
2.All the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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