Billion iBusiness Security Appliance Series
Billion iBusiness Security Appliance Series
BiGuard CMS series - BiGuard Central Management System
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BiGuard CMS series
BiGuard Central Management System

At any time, small offices and SMBs with limited MIS resources require their service vendors to specially take care of their networking needs. The client-server-architecture BiGuard CMS series allows service providers that are capable of system integration or a total network solution to manage their end-customers’ network devices remotely via a web-based interface. This management software provides service providers with remote configuration functions, such as data backup and restoration, firmware upgrades, on devices to centrally administer multiple customer devices either on demand or to a pre-defined schedule. The log function in the BiGuard CMS series allows administrators to record device events, and thus to continuously track their status.


(to be available in 2008)




Saves maintenance effort
The BiGuard CMS series provides a service provider with a single system to manage all the remote network devices for their end customers to enforce the management policy from a central site. A one-tomany configuration feature in the BiGuard CMS Pro minimizes the effort needed to manage various network devices at dispersed sites when implementing firewall policies, filtering rules and other global objects.

Highly secured management
All the managed data of a remote network device in the pipeline is encrypted with an HTTPS mechanism to avoid hacker attacks. The remote administrator identification from service providers is qualified and authorized.

A “click–on” web-based interface makes it easy to add devices, upgrade firmware and carry out all other remote configuration functions. It’s even easy to install the BiGuard CMS series by using a setup Wizard.

Grouping device management
The devices can be clustered for group-based remote management instead of one-by-one. In addition, the administrator can choose to display the devices with a tree view or list view.

Historical reports for analysis
BiGuard CMS series also offers a list of historical reports to allow the administrator to analyze the bandwidth usage, event log statistics, alarm event statistics and firmware upgrade results.

Automatic management with time schedule
What makes the BiGuard CMS series very convenient is that it allows the administrator to set up the management policies with time scheduling, for example back up data every day, or upgrade firmware at 8pm or after office hours. The policies will be automatically launched according to schedule without requiring an administrator onsite.

Flexible upgrades
The firmware upgrades of remote network devices can be performed on demand, whenever the administrator thinks it is necessary. BiGuard CMS Pro is available by upgrade from the previous BiGuard CMS Lite without the need to reconfigure existing settings.

More platforms supported
Using a Java-based design, the BiGuard CMS series supports hardware platform for Intel-X86-based devices and software platforms such as MS Windows XP, and later MS Windows 2000(*) and Linux(*).

Real time monitoring and alerts
BiGuard CMS Pro supports centralized event logging and alerting. When an alarm happens, it is able to receive the alert and notify the administrator via an alarm event and send an email alert at the same time. The administrator is able to monitor the status of all devices through BiGuard CMS Pro and take action in real time when abnormal events occur.


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